Changing accountants – How to change accountants

As in all exercises of substance, the first step is to plan your actions. In this concise article we outline what needs to be done to identify a top line adviser.

The ten most common reasons for wanting to change accountants are:

  • Phone calls not returned promptly or not at all.
  • Poor value proposition.
  • Deadlines and undertakings not met.
  • Unexpected tax amounts
  • Poor or non-existent tax planning.
  • Lack of pro-activity
  • Unexpected fees
  • Unexpected penalties and interest.
  • The business has out-grown the Adviser.
  • Proactive service not provided.

Like all business activities you should prepare and plan the process to get the best result. We suggest that the following checklist is a good place to start to figure out what you want from your accountant:

  • Technical skills
  • Proactive values
  • Demonstrable commercial skills
  • Inclination to client service
  • Service standards
  • Age and experience

Once you know what you are looking for it is time to go shopping:

  • Check the website
  • Responsiveness – if someone isn’t quick to respond about getting your business what are they likely to be like later?
  • Are they prepared to put in writing their promises?
  • What do they expect of you as a client?
  • What is the range of services they provide?
  • Do they offer fixed fees?
  • Are they likely to listen to you and understand your circumstances?
  • Will they pro-actively suggest improvements to your business?

In the interest of you and your adviser it is important that the relationship works for all. As we say at Magnus “If it doesn’t work for both; it works for neither…” Want to discuss your needs, contact Warren Maris on 07-3483-0102 for an obligation free and confidential chat.

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