Your Prosperity Journey

Magnus Prosperity Journey™ is our way of helping you make the most of what you’ve worked for all your life.

Living your hopes and dreams. Giving your family opportunities you never had. Leaving behind a legacy your children are proud of. 

It’s about working because you love what you do, not because you have to provide for your family.

Wealth is about living the life you want most.

The vast majority of people never succeed in becoming wealthy because they aren’t sure where to start, or how to structure the money they’re accumulating. 

At Magnus we focus on creating an investment portfolio that can move with your dreams.

That way you can enjoy a lifetime of hard work, without feeling like you’ve missed out on life.

This is how we plot a step-by-step course between who you are today, and who you want to become.

For Private Individuals

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Building Your Wealth

You’re a high-net-worth earner with big dreams, but aren’t quite “wealthy” yet.

The first step is purchasing your first home so you can build equity while having an appreciating safety net for your family.

Magnus can help you with:

  • Home purchase plan
  • Mortgage and Debt management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Income tax planning
  • Compensation and benefits planning

Optimising Your Wealth

You’re on track with your earnings and are trying to save and grow. But how do you balance providing for your own future, your children’s, and maybe even your ageing parents?

To make the right moves with your money you need to develop an asset base that can be used to create passive income, and a safety net against uncertainties.

Magnus can help you with:

  • Asset protection
  • Cash flow planning
  • Tax planning 
  • Estate/inheritance planning
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Enabling Your Wealth

You’ve worked hard, and are looking forward to enjoying the fruits of your labour. But how do you generate enough passive income? What’s the best way to provide for the people and causes important to you, while still taking care of your own needs?

It’s time to think about your investment portfolio. Our proprietary process works because:

  • We are asset-class agnostic. We focus on building systems and structuring your finances to achieve your goals and preserve your wealth
  • We have a panel of experts and consultants to help you choose the best assets to invest in for your goals and risk comfort level

Magnus can help you with:

  • Risk management
  • Cash flow planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Succession planning

Consult a Wealth Adviser

Whenever you feel ready, our advisors can help you purchase your first home and set up your finances so you accumulate wealth faster

For Businesses



Most rules of the corporate world don’t apply when you’re writing your own rulebook in an ever changing small business environment. But there are some things every business must get right, and failure to do so is why most businesses don’t survive their first 5 years. 

The Magnus start-up journey establishes proof-of-concept for your business, and sets you up for success. That means a profitable business model, supported by dependable staff, supply chain and consistent customer base.

The Motto: Evaluate. Plan. Execute. Succeed.


If you’ve survived your first 5 years, then you’re already among the top 10% of entrepreneurs. Your business model has passed muster. But no matter how hard you work you can’t seem to grow any further. There’s always yet another “bushfire” to put out. 

The Magnus growth journey is about building systems and processes so you can focus on long term growth and innovation, instead of getting bogged down in the day-to-day. 

The Motto: Organise. Prioritise. Systemise.



You’ve spent years building your business, and much of your wealth is in your business, not your bank. Only 1 in 4 business owners will successfully exit their business*. How can you ensure you won’t outlive your savings, without under-spending on your experiences?

The Magnus Maturity journey is about capturing the value in your business on the best possible terms, so you can step back or even exit without regret.

The Motto: Freedom. Passion. Life. No regrets.

Magnus can help you with:

  • Exit Strategy
  • Staged withdrawal to leave an under-management income stream
  • Personal succession
  • Business value maximisation
*Study Shows Why Many Business Owners Can’t Sell When They Want To,, February 5, 2017

Consult a Wealth Adviser

Whenever you feel ready, our advisors can help you purchase your first home and set up your finances so you accumulate wealth faster

How We Help You Build Your Wealth

Step1 : Goals

We identify your short, medium and long term financial and lifestyle goals.

Step2 : Current Situation
We evaluate your assets, liabilities, income, expenses and tax strategies.
Step 3 : Wealth Plan
We map out a step-by-step pathway to get you from where you are today to where you would like to be. This includes suitable strategies, and answers to any questions you have.
Step 4 : Implementation
We help you put your plan into action and track your progress. We can work with specialists, such as solicitors, brokers or investment professionals.
Step 5 : Adaptation
We review your plan on a regular basis to ensure it’s in line with your changing circumstances and lifestyle, new legislation, and the state of the economy.

Going From Comfortable to Wealthy

Most people will never achieve financial independence.  Not becuase they don’t work hard, or are irresponsible with money. But because they don’t have the right knowledge and support. That’s why we formed Magnus Prosperity Journey – to provide our clients with a custodian of the family’s wealth. We help our clients to:
  • Save on taxes, pay only what they are required to pay
  • Accumulate wealth 
  • Protect their assets against global crises and unexpected events
  • Get peace of mind in their financial future
  • And live the life of their dreams 

And we’d love to help you achieve similar results.

Warren Maris
Magnus Business Advisers

Start Your Journey To Wealth and Financial Freedom

Control your finances without letting them control you. Build a fulfilling life where money does not limit your options. Have peace of mind knowing you are in control of your Prosperity Journey.