Accountants who go

Beyond Tax and Compliance

We’re not “just” accountants, doing compliance and tax like accountants are “supposed” to.

We help our clients grow their business, protect their wealth, simplify succession, and ultimately exit the 9 to 5 so they can lead the good life.

The most important asset that helps us do this? Our awesome team!

Our Mission: implement the best systems and processes to provide outstanding outcomes for all stakeholders

Careers at Magnus

Join The Movement To Make Wealth & Freedom More Accessible

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Net Promoter Score (NPS)

Why work in a single owner suburban firm, when well known national firms are hiring?

Perks and Benefits

We Invest In You 

Need it? Just ask for it! We’re never shy (or cheap) about giving our employees the tools they need to succeed.
Every Magnus employee gets:

We Help with Work Life balance

We’ve been working remotely for over a decade, and have teammates in three different cities. We’re big into family, and being home for school pickup and drop-off. That’s why we make the work/life balance easy for everyone
Every Magnus employee gets:

Build Something Exceptional

We are motivated, first and foremost, by helping our clients
Every Magnus employee gets:

Career Growth

If Magnus does not have the future you seek we will help you to further your career elsewhere.
Every Magnus employee gets:

Learning Budget

Use your annual Professional Development budget to buy books and courses to keep your skills sharp.


Annual Conferences

Annual conferences in Australia and the Philippines. February 2024: two night, three day stay at Daluyon Beach and Mountain Resort at Puerto Princesa, all expenses paid, including your partner and up to two children.


Flexible Leave

20 days annual leave, including a two week shutdown at Christmas. Plus another 10 days of public holiday with flexibility on when you want them

Paid exception leave

Life happens, and we can’t have work—or unpaid leave—to contribute to these difficult times. We take these on a case-by-case basis, making it quick and easy to get the needed approval and support.

Regular Appreciation

Every Magnus employee gets a welcome gift, a birthday gift every year, and gifts for milestone years.

Health, Wealth and Retirement

HMO contributions (Philippines)
Additional payment for our team members in the Philippines to assist towards the cost of health insurance (HMO)

Salary sacrifice (Australia)
Pay lower taxes, save more in your super for retirement.


Our Values


We promote and reward outcomes and achievements.


There will always be a way to find time for you to do the things you need to support your family.


We commit to help you become the best person you can be, both personally and professionally.


We have the best people, using the best hardware and systems to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

“Why Do You Enjoy Working At Magnus?”

We asked the team to describe the Magnus culture in one word. Here’s what they said.


Why do Magnus employees say these things? 

Because We Listen 

We’re continuously learning where Magnus truly excels, and seeking opportunities to further improve the way we work as a company, and as individuals.


Ask the Employees

  • The flexibility of the start and end time of work that enables us the chance for work-life balance. — Apple Portezo
  • Learning new things and being supported by my team. — Gem Pangaldan
  • Working through any challenges to achieve the best outcome for the client and doing a good job at the same time.— Jenny Bond
  • The appreciation I get when I finish the jobs allocated to me on or before the due date.— Rio Panlilio
  • Amazing co workers, growth options, and bonus or incentives my friends haven’t even heard of. — Derick Natividad
  • The recognition from management even for the simplest contribution to the company. — Marivel Hipolito
  • Feeling valued, like we are all family. — Lindsay Arceo
  • The challenges, many and varied, which I would never face in any other firm. — Cath Maris
  • Knowing that we do everything we can to build a better workplace.— Aaron McQuillan
  • Being able to finish jobs without any revisions from clients, because of how well the team has grown and the knowledge it accumulated — Warren Maris
  • Magnus encourages and reinforces the need for continued learning — Gem Pangaldan
  • The flexibility of the job, and the support that I am getting from the team with regard to my training — Apple Portezo
  • The friendliness, which makes the job enjoyable  — Derick Natividad
  • The complexity of our jobs. We deal with challenges and circumstances most accountants will never get to see  — Rio Panlilio
  • Being able to work at the comfort of our home when we need to  — Aaron McQuillan
  • Variety of challenges  — Cath Maris
  • Great client outcomes  — Warren Marris 
  • The commitment of the team to the shared values of the business  — Lindsay Arceo 
  • The flexibility and the work and life balance  —  Marivel Hipolito
  • The motivation I get from my team. — Gem Pangaldan
  • Learning new things, and achieving something that I haven’t done before. — Apple Portezo
  • Having lots of varied jobs that keep things interesting — Jenny Bond
  • Flexible work schedule, and taking short breaks whenever I need — Rio Panlilio
  • Clear, but achievable deadlines and no last minute scope creep — Derick Natividad
  • The desire to make Magnus a better place to work and for our clients to seek advice. — Warren Maris
  • Management encourages training. They check what I want to achieve and supports my transition to that personal goal — Gem Pangaldan
  • I have learned a lot compared to when I started with Magnus. I learned how to navigate different software and rulings on how to prepare the tax returns.— Apple Portezo
  • My skills improved a lot! Magnus gives me exposure to different types of jobs that I haven’t done before and it provides resources, training and access to various applications.— Rio Panlilio
  • I’ve learned a lot because of the patient, understanding and unselfish treatment of our team including training provided by Warren.— Derick Natividad
  • I developed my skills while here at Magnus. They help me in every way possible to ensure that I understand every task.— Lindsay Arceo
  • I’m learning to say no and have learnt it is best to do it yourself the first time and heavily document the process so it can be effectively delegated the next time.— Aaron McQuillan
  • Magnus has a variety of clients that we work on, that are from different industries. This gives me the opportunity to learn a lot. They also provides us with trainings and asks us about the topics that we think we need training on.— Joanna Tudio
  • I got a lot of training and learned the many procedures — Cath Maris
  • No one day is the same— Gem Pangaldan
  • Strong focus on technical development rather than mundane same tasks. — Jenny Bond
  • I always mentioned the flexibility of the job and the company encourages work-life balance. Also, Magnus always considers the welfare of the staff.— Apple Portezo
  • I will describe it as a company with a work-life balance. My work allows me to still have time with my family and personal life. — Lindsay Arceo 
  • My work as an accountant is challenging but this is bearable and I’m happy to do it because of the support provided by the firm — Rio Panlilio
  • My work life now is balanced, I can work and study at the same time and have fun. I have a team which is all approachable and friendly. I also have more quality time with my family.— Marivel Hipolito
  • I would say that it is wonderful working in a firm that values their personnel and has great values that align with mine.— Joanna Tudio

Sound like you? Then you’ll fit right in.

Have pride in the work you do and act with integrity. Above all else, act in the highest standards of the profession. Simplify complex problems so it’s easy for people to work with us, and with each other.

We’re all in this together. Work together with clients to create excellent partnerships. Build meaningful relationships and create great partnerships.

Respect all stakeholders as individuals, and be fair in all your dealings. Take the time to appreciate each other. When one of us succeeds, all of us succeeds.

Give and expect honesty in all of our dealings. It’s the only way to works as one towards our goals.

Ask why? Challenge the status quo and pursue the best outcomes. Take initiative and think with the customer in mind. Push boundaries and learn from your experiences and failures.We are never done getting better.

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“But there’s no room to grow in a small firm like this”


Warren Maris
Magnus Business Advisers

It’s true – you’ll never make Senior Partner. Because there is no senior partner position. Probably never will be.

But if it’s progress you desire, just know you won’t be Senior Accountant forever either.

We offer career options that don’t exist anywhere else in the world. 

If you think growth is all about job titles, and you’re willing to hop jobs till you land the title you want – then Magnus probably isn’t right for you.

But if you believe there’s more than one way to grow, that you can forge your own path without needing to explain yourself to anyone – then ask me about your career options in the interview. 

Ask me, “where could I be in 3-5 years, Warren?”

Recruitment Process

1/ Application Review

We screen for a variety of criteria

2/ Info request 

We may request more information over email or phone

3/ Interview

You meet your coworkers, so we can get to know you

4/ Technical Testing

Finalists complete a technical task, to assess your abilities.


We make you an offer if we feel you’re best for the role.

No openings for your ideal position? No worries!

We Love To Hear From Clever People

Didn’t see any open position that would suit you, but you’d still like to join us? 

We’re always looking for amazing people for our team. Send us your CV, so we can get to know you, and we’ll get in touch once an appropriate position opens up. 

Several of our colleagues started out this way. But please be patient, as your ideal position might open up soon. We’re constantly growing.