Changing accountants – Changing accountants is easy

A few years ago ANZ conducted a survey of SME accounting clients. An astonishing 43% of respondents said that they would change accountants if an appropriate one was presented. This is a measure of “perceived indifference” rather than hostile dissatisfaction. Compare that to the fact that accounting practice clients are generally perceived to be highly “sticky”. (A “sticky” client is one who is reluctant to change advisers.) Is this not an inherent contradiction? No, it isn’t, but it does give an insight into the relationship between advisers and their clients.

We have researched this subject and identified a number of issues:

  • It is hard to change accountants No its not! The process is simple. Call us today and we will explain how the transition can be made with little or no effort whatsoever
  • I have a large investment in the knowledge my accountant has of my affairs This can be the case where your affairs are complex, but the question to be asked is if my adviser is inadequate now, will that change in the future. The real consideration is whether there is a loss. The fact is that as advisers we deal with complex affairs on a daily basis and understand what needs to be done to get new clients affairs up to speed quickly.
  • I only see him once a year so why bother
  • He is almost part of the family

We understand that relationships of tenure deserve respect. We can advise of your options to make the transition in a respectful manner.

If you would like to discuss your options, confidentially and obligation free, contact Warren Maris on 07-3483-0102

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