The Lazy Manager

If you are not a lazy manager, then perhaps you should be.

OK, so we cheated. This is not all about laziness, but efficiency… and it is worth reading.

The single biggest problem we hear about in the SME sector is that owners and managers are time poor. This results in a wide range of poor outcomes, both personally and professionally. Therefore, you could logically conclude that this problem would attract a vast amount of attention and effort. Well, it doesn’t! In fact, if this problem averaged 2% of management time it would be a significantly smaller issue.

“Work on the business, not in the business” is a time-honoured cliché (a cliché is usually oft repeated wisdom rather than a worthless phrase). So, what do we, as managers, do about this – mostly nothing.

The single least employed skill we see is the ability to delegate (this is the lazy thing creeping in). We see owners regularly doing tasks that they should not even touch. Why you ask? There are a dozen reasons and we have heard them all. Frankly, they are BS about 95% of the time. It really comes down to an inability to change and innovate.

So “How do I practically go about implementing this” you ask. Best question of the week! There are actually lots of ways, but I find the following the easiest.

  1. Write down (yep, a list in your head is a fail) the five things that you would most like to get rid of out of your working life.
  2. Estimate how much time these tasks eat up every week. (This is the motivating factor)
  3. Pick one (it doesn’t matter which one) and make it a priority to get it off your schedule and onto an employee’s list of responsibilities.
  4. You have 10 working days to achieve the delegation.
  5. Repeat until all five are gone.
  6. Figure out how you can use the time you have saved and get on with it. (Don’ forget to call Warren to thank him for the great idea)
  7. Start at point one again.

Oh “nobody but me can do this” you say. It’s probably not the case, but if that’s the way you feel pick something else, but you are probably missing the point.

So, get lazy today. Start fobbing off tasks to your employees without delay. (PS they will probably enjoy the challenge)

Hint – A written procedure will help immensely in passing off tasks.

If you think that this might work for you, but you need a little help to get going call Warren Maris on 07-3483-0102.

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