Effective Tax Strategy For Your Situation

“Well prepared is half done….? – Unknown

Whether you are new to business or an established operation, understanding taxation obligations and planning cash flow and business activities to meet them can be challenging.

Taxation laws are forever changing and often difficult to understand. When you combine this with the fact that many offer conflicting advice on “what’s best” you have the number 1 reason why it’s important to develop, then implement a sound and proven tax strategy.

Every Magnus client receives sound and proven advice on the best strategy for their individual business and one that will ensure your business structure is optimum for your individual circumstances and stage of life.

When we do this at the outset the road ahead is clear and predictable!

We consult with you and recommend the most appropriate tax strategy and advice throughout the year not just “at tax time” and many of our clients report this has an enormous positive effect on their tax benefits and peace of mind!

Common topics our clients come to us with include:

  • Getting Started – how to get an ABN etc
  • Structuring – the most effective to suit your business and life stage. How come I pay tax but I never have any cash? – We see this question a lot.
  • Tax planning – the most effective to suit your business and life stage
  • Wealth planning
  • SMSF – Self Managed Super Funds – is this right for you
  • Valuation – what are the metrics and multiples that apply to your industry?  What valuation method?
  • Selling My Business

Whether you are after the best advice on how to minimize your taxation obligations or simply after a sounding board contact us for the right advice for your circumstances.