ATO Tax Debt. All Your Options and Questions Answered

Have a tax debt and not sure what to do?

Think you might be heading towards a ATO tax debt and not sure of your options?

When you access Magnus’s insight into the ATO’s priorities and pressure points you will:

  • Receive expert and accurate advice and planning on how to manage the debt in the best possible way and
  • Confidence that a repeat of the issue is highly unlikely.

The ATO’s stance has hardened considerably in 2015 and evidence suggests that this will not soften in the future. With Small Medium Enterprise debt exceeding $18 Billion and a government desperate to reduce the budget deficit it is unlikely that the ATO will lighten collection priorities in the near future.

The ATO has issued more winding up notices in the 6 months to October 2015 than in the previous 5 years. Be under no illusion that they are serious in reducing debt across the board.

Sometimes the tax debt burden has become unmanageable. Magnus can also provide comprehensive advice on your options in this situation.

As professionals in our field the conversations we have on your behalf are very different than those you would have if you were to manage this kind of communication yourself.

For peace of mind and surety moving forward call or email us for a confidential conversation about how best to manage your individual circumstances.