Tax Extension Questions Answered Accurately

Behind on tax returns and or BAS statements?

Scared of the penalties and feel you have nowhere to go?

We see this all too often and the one piece of advice we urge you to take on board is:

Don’t panic.

Magnus are expert at liaising with the ATO to minimise detriment and we can intervene with the ATO on your behalf, assist you to get things in order and rectify any past tax return issues…..

One type of situation that we see is a client presents with several years of non-lodgement of BAS and Income Tax Returns. The ATO has turned up the heat and is now demanding complete compliance within a ridiculously short period. Magnus will immediately assess the situation and contact the ATO.

We will negotiate a reasonable timeframe to act in and then walk you through the process of bringing your affairs up to date. Once we achieved that we will negotiate tax extension payment plans that are mutually acceptable.

To YOU as well not just the ATO.

Having fixed the legacy issues we will work with you also to put in place a process whereby there will not be a repeat event.

Our expertise also includes a detailed understanding of what the ATO will and will not accept. This helps you ensure future activity is less likely to be scrutinized as well, allowing you to get back to your business and your life.

Call or email us to find out what best solution for your situation.