Business Activity Statements Preparation And Advice

Need someone to help you understand and lodge your BAS?

Do you have outstanding business activity statements and are not sure what to do?

If you can relate to either of these its time you reached out to someone you can trust for the right information and action.

When you use the Magnus system we guarantee you will not be penalized for late BAS lodgement.

With outstanding business debt to the ATO at an unprecedented high, the ATO is increasing its scrutiny and penalty application in this area, and in 2015 the Australian Taxation Office has increased compliance action substantially.

In the 6 months to October 2015 the ATO had issued more winding up notices than they had issued in the previous five years.

Late lodgement penalties begin at $190.00 and increases every 28 days.

Lodge a BAS late and you will almost certainly be issued a penalty. Do it twice and it is unlikely that you will escape interest. Use the Magnus system and we guarantee that you will not be penalised for late lodgement.

Consistent late lodgement or overdue returns will attract unwanted ATO attention. Using the Magnus system means you will not only have timely information to run your business but you will not come under unwanted ATO scrutiny.

Further, late lodgement of Activity Statements may render Directors personally and inescapably liable and endanger the company of being wound up.

Take the worry out of compliance. Call us to discuss how we can help you get back in control – quite easily and quickly!

We guarantee it!