ASIC Returns

Not sure of your complete obligations as a company director?

ASIC has communicated with you directly and you are not clear why?

If either or both of these resonate with you it’s probably time you sought credible and accurate advice.

Aside from annual fee payments to maintain registration of a company there are a number of other requirements you have as a company director.

Problems leading to falling foul of ASIC include:

  • Failure to keep accurate and up to date annual returns and
  • Failure to lodge and pay company annual fees

Both of these can lead to the company being de-registered. These issues are easily avoided.  

The benefits our clients receive include:

  • An automated process that ensures all information and requirements are up to date and acted upon within the required timeframe for ASIC returns
  • A detailed mail / communications register for each  client to support the above
  • Access to professionals who keep up to date with ASIC requirements’ and changes

Please call us for a confidential chat about all your ASIC requirements and how to keep ahead of them.