Timely Monthly Financial Reports And Advice

Traditional accounting means taking your “books” to the accountant each year for the “annual” tax review.

This approach is old and out dated and is not how we help business. The truth is this approach can be very costly.

Being on the front foot and vigilant is how Magnus works with you.

A typical plan with our clients includes;

  • Goal and objective setting by month and review of relevant KPIs monthly
  • The use of Xero accounting package – this is the most efficient and user friendly for today’s business world
  • Identification of key drivers of financial success for your individual business
  • Generation and  explanation of the monthly financial reports that identifies problems before they occur and one that includes recommendations to fix them

At Magnus we embrace technology and its application in business specifically the Xero eco-system of add-ons that provide specific solutions to various industries.

An example of this would be Magnus’s use of Receipt Bank that enables automated processing of creditors invoices.

We welcome a call or email to discuss how to best use technology in your business.