Bradley Reporting

Initially Jason spoke to Magnus in very general terms that he wanted to develop his business, but really did not know where to start. Magnus suggested that he undertake a business analysis session. As a result of this session Jason developed in an in-depth understanding of the multiple income streams that made up his business and how each needed different marketing to improve the outcomes. Consequently Bradley Reporting engaged Magnus on an ongoing basis to provide advice around business development.

The first area we addressed was development of income streams. We identified the “low hanging fruit” with a view to generating some immediate results to allow Jason time to get “off the tools” and invest the time into working on the business.

The next area we identified was that systems used for booking client appointments were inadequate in that “leakage” was occurring. (“Leakage” is a term used to describe the situation where work is performed, but never billed.) Magnus recommended using the Workflowmax software to manage bookings to eliminate “leakage”

The third area in which Magnus has assisted is by introducing its custom designed cash forecast system. Like most small businesses Bradley Reporting constantly had to manage cash flow by a series of ad hoc calculations. There was no overview of the entirety of cash availability and demand and no insight into what the future held. By utilising the Magnus system Bradley Reporting now manages the vital cashflow with confidence.

As a result of the implementation of the recommendations of Magnus, Bradly Reporting has increased turnover and to an even greater extent, profitability. Simultaneously Jason has been able to reduce his contact hours to focus on business development. He has some extremely good prospects in the pipeline that could result in a doubling of turnover. 

“I never knew how important a good business adviser could be to my business.” Jason Bradley, Managing Director, Bradley Reporting