Business Mentoring

Want to ensure your business stay ahead of the rest?

Want surety you are applying industry and marketing best practice to your operation?

If you answered yes to either question its likely you would benefit from a business mentoring arrangement.

Business mentoring can take on many forms and is designed to assist owners of well established and well run businesses move their operations to the next level. One preference of highly structured businesses is the management committee. This is a formal arrangement consisting of a panel of external advisers acting as a quasi Board of Directors. It is specifically designed to prepare for moving to a post IPO situation.

A less formal approach is regular one on one meetings to address an agenda and to review progress against pre-determined objectives.

This is most useful in the period after formal business planning has been undertaken and the business is in the implementation phase.

Another method is to join an existing group of business owners who meet to informally discuss and resolve specific issues. Being the owner of a business is a lonely role. Sharing via peer groups is an excellent way to lighten the load.

Whatever your circumstances Magnus can assist,  and we have a range of options to make this process work.

Call us now to learn more about what would work for you.