Business Advisor : Your Options And All The Benefits

“As a result of our discussions I still seek advice from Magnus on a range of issues. The service is always professional and friendly and I am confident that I am in safe hands and best of all they always return my calls promptly." Mark Anderson, Director, Andersen Group Pty Ltd. Murrarie, QLD Australia

The reality is that every business is different. The experience and skill set of every person is the sum of their life. There is no “one size fits all” solution.

At Magnus we tailor a business acceleration program to suit each individual client. Some people will require skill transfer, others accountability. We seek to assist people to make the transition from working in their business to working on their business.

The primary objective of first phase advice is to create time for the business owner. This time can then be invested into working on the business. Usually this is dedicated to eliminating bush fires and getting business processes into an efficient operation.

It’s likely as a business owner you’ve read books surfed the net and or spoken with friend and family about how to get better or different results from your business. After all you started the business you should be able to do it all? Not correct.

You’re probably a practitioner in your industry, be that accounting, plumbing, building or any other for that matter.

The reality is the skills needed to build and grow a business in any profession are inherently different from those needed to be the practitioner.

At Magnus many of our clients take advantage of our business acceleration program. One tailored by a business advisor for their specific needs and goals.

Our programs are designed to;

  • Help you develop the skills needed to execute a development program
  • Enable you to spend less time in the business and more time on it and;
  • Ultimately “hold you accountable” for your own business growth.

Read our many client stories about the results you’re likely to achieve!

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