The Uber GST Surprise

If you are registered for GST because you are an Uber driver, then you are registered for GST for everything.

As most people are now aware, Uber drivers need to register for GST by the time they complete their first drive. What many are unaware of however is that the GST registration applies to any other businesses that they run as a sole trader. Take the example of someone who has a micro business that turns over less than $75,000. Under GST law, the business owner is not required to be registered for GST and there should be no GST on the things they sell to customers. However, if this same micro business person starts driving for Uber, the GST registration applies not only to their Uber activities but to their micro business as well.

There may be a practical solution by using someone else such as a spouse or child, but it depends on your personal situation. For a confidential discussion on how this impacts you contact Magnus on 07-3483-0100.

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