Accountants Brisbane: Your Trusted Partners

Magnus’s Directors met in unusual circumstances – on a train after a professional development seminar in Brisbane’s CBD. Eventually this chance encounter lead to discussions that revealed a shared passion to build a firm that provided quality outcomes to small and medium business and eliminated the classical issues that seemed to pervade the profession – poor communication and customer service, reactive and rear view advice amongst others. 

This is why when you call Magnus you will get a response quickly; its just in our DNA.

We have great respect for the fact that our clients rely on us and treat this with the utmost reverence. Few business people could grasp the difference between a pristine set of accounts and something cobbled together by a junior with a few years experience. 

Magnus has dedicated many years of effort in developing rigorous procedures that ensure quality outcomes.

AT Magnus staff development is paramount. Training begins on day one and is part of our every day life. It is not uncommon to see two or three staff members analysing a technical problem to ensure that our clients are not exposed to compliance risk.

Call or email us to experience our difference.